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Product Owner | Engineer | Designer

I am an outcome driven individual with a passion for food, technology, business, and the intersections in between. I bring with me a user-centric, scalability forward approach to product, influenced by my own experiences on both product and engineering teams. My favorite products are the ones that perfectly mimic the user experience using the "why", "how", and "why now" of the business at the core of its architecture.

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Atlassian Suite 95%
90% Complete
Google Suite 74%
74% Complete
Agile 86%
86% Complete
Scrum Master 69%
69% Complete
Team Building 85%
69% Complete
Product Roadmapping 90%
90% Complete


Docker 78%
78% Complete
Cloud Computing 85%
85% Complete
Python 80%
80% Complete
SQL 70%
70% Complete
Terraform 70%
70% Complete
Ansible 90%
90% Complete

Web Art

Bootstrap 89%
89% Complete
HTML 90%
90% Complete
CSS 70%
70% Complete
JavaScript 86%
86% Complete
Wireframing 55%
55% Complete
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What i've done

domain knowledge


Leveraged public nutritional information to create a granular intake analysis app


My team made a hybrid mobile applications that deployed to Android, IOS, and Windows devices


Worked at multiple healthcare startups helping teams scale from 5 to 120

Food Tech

Developed products to create a tighter bond between restaurants and its customers

Who am i

frequently asked questions

Where are you from?

I was born in California and lived in the South-Bay until I was 7 y/o. Then my family moved to Westminster (London) for a year where I learned to eat a burger with a fork & knife. After that I moved to Mumbai (India) where I learned to eat naan with one hand. I finally came back to the US in 2011 to attend undergrad at the University of Cincinnati, and soon after I circled back to Silicon Valley to further my professional career.

What 3 things would you bring to a deserted island?

1. Lamp 2. Genie 3. 3 perfect wishes

Why did you get into software?

Honestly - I scored a 95 in my highschool Computer Science finals, and that organically pushed me to pursue the same field in college. There I learned that anyone can build anything given enough time and effort, and the beauty of software is that you don't need money or connections to build solutions that change peoples lives! I sampled different focuses starting with mobile development, UI/UX, DevOps, and now learning more about the business end of things

What's your favorite Movie/TV Show?

Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, Deadpool, Whiplash Favorite TV Shows: Futurama, Succession, You

When I'm not working

How I spend my free time

The occasional hike

Dabble in tennis

Pollock style painting